Your one key solution

Locks and Alarms can provde you with a Security System where ONE KEY is able to open other Locks to your propety – Ideal for Your Home Security
No more troubles of finding the right key for the right lock in the dark or having a bunch on keys.

By following the ‘How to change a Cylinder Guide’ you will be able to correctly measure your cylinder and order from us a Anti Snap Cylinders as shown below.

Ordering and Installing these Cylinder Locks yourself will be not only Saving you money but above ALL giving you peace of mind YOU have fitted a Secure Anti snap Lock protecting your Doors to Your property. (Rim Locks for wooden doors also Available)

Process of ordering

  • Remove your cylinders using our guide
  • Measure your cylinders (see below)
  • Select ‘E’ or ‘D’ (see below)
  • Complete the order form on the right
  • Take delivery and install the cylinders (2 keys per lock)

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